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Trundle in the Jungle

When folk think of Thailand they often think of sitting under the shade of a palm tree on the beach, sipping a favourite beverage. Don't blame them. Been there, done that.

Deep in the heart of Khao Yai National Park

But if wild elephants, hornbills and gibbons are your thing, then it's up into the hills one must go. The number one tourist attraction here is Khao Yai National Park. Home to dozens of bird species, towering hardwood trees and a wide assortment of animals, the local national park is true jungle.

Crawl into a comfy tent hammock off the jungle floor

The most intimate way to experience the park is to get off the main trails and hike deep into the brush. With a guide, of course! An overnight sleep in a tented hammock makes the whole experience vivid and memorable.

We are one of few local resorts that are licensed to provide a professionally guided tour to bring guests into the jungle for an incredible experience in the heart of tropical nature. This is not for the casual explorer. Pushing through dense vines and underbrush off the beaten track and traversing jungle streams is challenging; but it is also most rewarding.

What we lack in beach is made up in mountains, jungle rivers, fresh air and an abundance of nature. So... Come here. Do that. Buy the T-shirt.

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