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Quiet Season


It's an annual non-event.

Quiet season. When, due to a number of factors, the hospitality industry slows down and the number of visitors to the area dwindles. It's a perfect time to get in sync and slow down in accord.

Blue skies. White fluffy clouds. Green fields. Perfectly pastoral.

It is a great time to be here. The roads are less congested with traffic. The wildlife is thriving in the oh-so green rainy season. The waterfalls and rivers are in full voice. Local farmers are out planting and tending to a wide range of cash crops: corn, sugar, cassava/tapioca, melons of all descriptions, hundreds of varieties of leafy greens, fruit orchards, and on and on.

Field workers tending to their duties. A common site.

Rainy season. Yes! It's a fantastic time of the year for how green and lush the jungle environment becomes. The mornings are typically bright and perfectly photogenic as the previous day's rain has rinsed the atmosphere into crisp, crystal clarity. (That's a tongue twister! - crisp, crystal clarity) The midday heat drives the moisture into huge, towering piles of cumulous clouds near the mountains. Soon, the wind picks up, the skies grow dark and the clouds release tonnes of rainwater in just minutes. What a fantastic display of nature.

Jungle. Nothing but thick, thick jungle.

Be sure to bring some rain gear and a camera. Or one can simply stop and drink it all in. The pastoral panoramas in the mornings would be an inspiration to any artist; the daily weather pattern an invigoration to any nature lover.

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