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The Hole Truth

Some facts of life: Nothing much escapes black holes. Calorie free holes define a doughnut. Eighteen holes on a green course attract many sport enthusiasts. Not many like being the square peg in a round hole. The Swiss figured out how to profit from holes in their cheese.

And then there are potholes.

We have our fair share of potholes on the drive in to the resort. With traffic increasing every year on our small country lane the wear and tear on the road surface increases in measure. Some are small birdbaths and some are great bomb craters. Those biggies may be considered the holiest of holies.

Nice and smooth for a good stretch along the way to our resort

Happy news: since it was determined how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall some years ago, local authorities recently got around to paving one of the worst stretches on our main road. The smooth ride removes the bang-bang stress and nuisance of a rough road.

Here's hoping for further commitment to making the entire length of the access road to Eco Valley Lodge that much smoother. Yes, we're hoping that the road to EVL will be paved with no good indentations.

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