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Great Neighbours

We have some of the best neighbours in the world. They live in harmony with the environment and contribute to our sense of well-being and happiness.

One must first meet the Finlayson's squirrels. Their milky white fur makes them an unusual looking resident, but they are seen often here. The entire family are gymnasts, leaping from rooftop to tree branch in search of betel nut palm fruit.

Our white furry friend

A noisy Khao Yai native is the red-wattled lapwing. This screamer can be heard at all hours, day and night, whenever it distracts predators away from its eggs and hatchlings hiding in a nest on the ground.

This nervous Nellie distracts predators with a lot of flapping and screeching

An occasional visitor to Eco Valley Lodge is the red-whiskered bulbul. This saucy species flash their bright red rumps as a warning to each other that they mean business!

This seasonal visitor to Eco Valley Lodge is a real eye catcher

One doesn't have to go far from the resort to see a real marvel. Just around the corner are resident Baya weavers. Master engineers, the males make the most amazing nests for their mates in breeding season using only beak and claw.

A wonder of nature: Baya weaver nests

Thanks to our guests, Jan and Margie from the Netherlands, for taking and sharing these great pics with us!

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