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Thoughts for Food

Hello Friends of the Valley. Something worth considering is one of the features at our resort that regularly receives favourable reviews: the food.

Part of the fun adventure of experiencing Thailand is getting stuck into authentic Thai food. Our cooks ensure you get the real thing. Oh so yummy. Our menu features Thai and Western options. Whether it's the classic spicy Tom Yum Goong ต้มยำกุ้ง or a large cheeseburger, the approving comments from our customers are always gratefully received. "Aroy dee!"

Tom Yum Goong. A classic

Hungry guests wait a little while for the food to arrive on the table as each dish is individually and freshly prepared. The food is certainly not 'out of a can'.

Nothing but fresh ingredients, freshly prepared

Al fresco dining in our open-air restaurant is part of the natural setting here at Eco Valley Lodge. The year-round great temperatures here in Khao Yai district provide a great advantage.

Good air + good food + good friends = great recipe

The good air and the good food shared with good friends is a great recipe for happy moments.

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