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Nights of the Round Table

Hello Friends of the Valley. One of the best things of being here at Eco is the opportunity to talk with folk at nearly all hours of the day.

The old but rewarding pattern is to discuss and agree on what is wrong with the world. And clever us: we invariably come up with solutions for all the issues and problems! If only the rest of the world and its leaders were here to listen in and take advice. The planet always feels a little better straightened up after our talks.

It does not matter if the people at the table are familiar friends from the neighbourhood or new friends from afar, we always seem to find the cure to what ails. One's favourite drink usually accompanies the ramblings and resolutions. From black holes and space-time to travel, from movies to politics (of course!), from sports to crypto currencies, from wine to whatever else, not much falls too far from the collective wisdom of those assembled.

Nights of the Round Table

The setting and agreeable company are always certainly conducive to free and open talk on just about any matter. We are far enough removed to feel insulated from the day-to-day nonsense of it all; yet close enough to re-engage as demands dictate.

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