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Jungle Adventures

Hello Friends of the Valley. As you are aware, Khao Yai National Park is the main tourist attraction in the area. The most fulfilling way to experience the park is to spend one or two nights in the jungle.

Deep water, deep in the jungle of Khao Yai National Park

Our little boutique resort offers the opportunity to hike off-trail and deep into the jungle with the assistance of a professional guide. It is a considerable physical challenge to keep up with the guide, but the reward of being completely immersed in real tropical nature is worth the effort. Wildlife is in abundance with the likelihood of seeing gibbons, hornbills, macaques, fruit bats and any manner of birds, depending on the season.

The days are spent fording streams, resting and swimming in the pool of water at the base of a waterfall, skimming along mountain ridges and hacking through dense overgrowth to find and establish the evening's campsite.

You bring & cook it yourself. No delivery service available

After prepping the camp and dinner, it is soon time to sleep. Sleeping overnight in a hammock tent, inside a sleeping bag, is a surprisingly loud experience. Night critters, big and small, go about their business not caring that they keep the neighbours awake. It's best to bring earplugs.

A comfy cocoon to snuggle into

Tired but happy upon the return to Eco Valley Lodge, everyone is always ready for a refreshing drink, a shower or a bed - in whatever order they choose.

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