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I Spy With My Little Eye

Hello Friends of the Valley. I'm sitting here at 5 pm watching the day prepare to turn itself in for the night. It's a great time of day just to sit, remain still and watch and listen to the critters go about their business in amongst the trees and overhead in the sky.

The oh-so-cheeky common myna birds are a distraction, as they try to gain access to our open air dining area, looking for a spare crumb. They never ask permission! They require regular shooing away. The resident flying rats, pigeons (!) don't bother so much - except for the guano deposits where they roost on the rooftops.

Mr Hoopoe in a cameo appearance

A pterodactyl-like hoopoe just swooped in for a brief hello. This eye-catching flyer makes a welcome cameo actor in this drama.

Our Cirque du Soleil acrobatic oriental tree squirrel

The oriental tree squirrel, our little white furry gymnast, was showing off again - leaping from tree to tree. He scampered along a Villa's roof ridge and, with great abandon, flung itself airborne two metres, landing nimbly onto a spindly branch of a nearby Flame of the Forest tree. Quite the acrobat.

The husband and wife team of busybody scaly breasted munias are busy rebuilding the nest that this morning's wind knocked out of the tree. Their engineering skills really are suspect. It's a wonder their nests last long enough for eggs to hatch.

Look at that tail! Beautiful

Just now, a graceful racket tailed drongo swooped and looped along its way above our garden.

The late light from the soon setting sun is turning the distant hills a warm gold and green. The constant cackle, scratch and warble of other distant birds can be heard. The insistent koel bird is shouting its usual demands to be obeyed.

Now it's nearer the time for all to settle down for the night. Soon the cicada orchestra will resume their symphony at the drop of their conductor's baton. The kissing sounds of the jingjok geckos will catch the ear as they chase and catch their insect snacks along the ceilings near the lights. And the larger tokay gecko will announce itself from some nearby, secret hidden crevice: "TOE-kay! TOE-kay!"

One doesn't need to watch a video or TV with all this on display. Just sit and tune in to nature's panoramic parade.

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