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Definitely On Par

Hello Friends of the Valley. A question: How would some folk from North West Europe choose to beat the late winter blues? Come to Eco Valley Lodge and play golf for eleven days!

Seven friends from Denmark arrived recently with their clubs in tow. After each day's breakfast of scrambled eggs, hooked sausages and sliced toast they were inspired to perform in much the same manner on a good variety of 18-holed venues found nearby.

Our Danish friends with helpful caddies

There are 7 championship golf courses within an hour's drive. Some are more challenging than others. There are some more expensive than others. There is at least one course best suited for one's particular skill level.

Trying to avoid that bunker near the pin

Visits to Khao Yai national park and the local bat caves rounded out their stay during the very warm days. No eagles on the golf course? Nevermind. The birdies in the national park almost made up for it.

Bats of Khao Yai

The fellows arrived with wintery skin tones and left looking much more bronzed, tanned and glowing. When it was time to chip and run, they agreed that everyone left as a winner, regardless of what the scorecards showed. We hope they consider Eco Valley Lodge a sweet spot.

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