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Bloomin' Beautiful

Hello Friends of the Valley. It's officially spring, even here in the land of eternal sunshine. One of the great benefits of living here in the Khao Yai mountain area are the trees that blossom during this season.

Songkran is just finishing, and everyone is grateful for the respite from the heat that the afternoon rain provides. The rain refreshes all flora and fauna. Yay!

Gorgeous yellows contrasted against tropical green

The bright colours in the treetops make this a gorgeous time of the year. Yellow, purple, orangey-red, white and pink adorn the woods at roadside.

The ecology in Thailand holds a great variety of flowering trees. Even here, on our small plot of land at Eco Valley Lodge, we have nearly 60 species of flowers, shrubs and trees.

The Flame Tree lit up against the sky

Every nature walk or bicycle ride is brightened by the rich spectrum of colours found overhead. It is simply blooming beautiful.

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