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Hello Friends of the Valley. You, whom have stayed with us before in Khao Yai, are well familiar with our most 'famous' resident. Jack. We think that he may well be the most photographed dog in Thailand. The cheerful way he meets and greets guests is uncanny. His little stumpy tail wagging and the glint in his eyes let everybody know he is grinning in pure happiness. He is an instant friend to all.

Jack stays late and parks himself out front of his chosen guests' bungalow, securing the door and preventing intruders from bothering his friends inside. It doesn't take long for children normally shy of dogs to learn that he is no threat. It's heart warming to see those young shy ones soon allow Jack a close visit and eventually even a cuddle.

He's a great fellow.

Jack. Our resort's concierge

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I am in ❤️ With Jack! I love cuddle him!!

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