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Our Story

Eco Valley Lodge is a family run enterprise. We have been established for more than 25 years. We have been here long enough to witness the changes from the old, sleepy, relatively hidden Khao Yai district into the much busier tourist destination it is now. We have tried our best to maintain the former quiet beauty. Ours is not a glitzy, bling place. It's a simple enough format, but definitely comfortable and removed from the busy-ness and noise of the highways.

Our long-serving staff really have a heart for the job and consistently receive favourable reviews from our guests. We hope that you will join us all for a warm welcome and a happy, quiet stay. If there is anything you don't see that would make your stay more comfortable, please ask. We will do our best to provide.


Long years ago, the Khao Yai district used to be a hiding place for folk wishing to avoid modern development and advancements. What is now a four-lane highway was merely a series of cart tracks through a vast network of fields and valleys of agriculture. This really was the area of some of Thailand's original cowboys. In the late 1950's the Prime Minister at that time, General Thanarat, opened Thanarat Road leading to the Big Hills (Khao Yai), and in September 1962 opened Khao Yai National Park - Thailand's first.

The whole area is a study in nature. In fact, many schools from across the nation come here to conduct studies of the rivers, insects, vegetation and wildlife found here.

The main draw remains the national park, but since those early days of its opening much more attracts the interest of many. Wineries, golf courses & music festivals bring folk to the area. The district does not get the oppressive, humid heat of the coast. Many national citizens escape that kind of heat on weekends and find comfort in the fresh air here. It's a quick and easy getaway from the city. And this will be become even more accessible when the new tollway is soon opened. There is growing commerce here in real estate development and light industry. Our resort is well placed to remain an oasis in the midst of such development.

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