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The rolling foothills of Khao Yai National Park offer some beautiful back roads & trails to ride. See magnificent views and meet local villagers you would otherwise not encounter. See the real Thailand! You can choose to ride easy or hard tours. Our van is available as a backup on the longer rides. If you just want to enjoy a leisurely hour, we know the routes that are sure to satisfy.

Should you wish to have a guided tour to various places of special interest we will be happy to take you. The more independent riders may wish to navigate and explore for themselves. You can also arrange for our vehicle to follow on any longer tour to ensure peace of mind.

Come and ride with us at Eco Valley Lodge and experience the real Thailand.

BikE to Magic Cave - half day- EASY RIDE

Tour duration:  approx. 2.5 hours

Biking time:   approx. 1 hours, total 15 km

Suggested time:  daylight until 15.30h

Recommended outfit:  Shoulders  & head covered

Please don't forget:  Camera, pocket money, mosquito repellent, sunscreen

Fitness Level:  Good for everybody

Bike with our guide to a nearby underground cave, known locally as 'Magic Cave' and see stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over thousands of years. The ride is through beautiful valleys with farmland and small farmer villages for approx. 7.5 km. Arriving at Wat Tham Trai Rat the walk through the cave system is about 30 - 45 minutes. Then it's 7.5 km back home through more attractive landscapes. Just pedal along at your own pace. Nice and easy!

Bike Magic Cave

BikE to Bonanza Valley - half daY - MEDIUM RIDE

Tour duration:    approx. 3 hours

Biking time:    approx. 2.5 hours, 34 km

Suggested time: Daylight until 15.00h

Recommended outfit: Shoulders & head covered

Please don't forget: Camera, pocket money, mosquito repellent, sunscreen

Fitness Level:    Medium

After departing from Eco Valley Lodge the waterwheel temple is reached - approx. 10 km. It's a short stop, but with time enough to visit the temple along the small river with its old, but functionable waterwheel. Then it's off in the direction of Bonanza Farm. Near the Bonanza area is the OK Corral, where professionals teach Western riding in a surprisingly authentic American atmosphere.

After 15 km into the ride, we pass Panther Creek Resort, a hotel complex built as an old American western town. Just 500 m away is a rest stop in a typical Thai village shop, selling water and soft drinks. The final 19 km take us through beautiful valleys, scenic areas and different kinds of agricultural farmland, mostly uphill, and back to Eco Valley Lodge. It's a healthy work out!

Bike Bonanca valley

BikE to the White Buddha - half daY - MEDIUM RIDE

Tour duration:    approx. 3-4 hours

Biking time:    approx. 2-3 hours, total 47 km

Suggested time:   Daylight until 15.00h

Recommended outfit: Shoulders & head covered

Please don't forget: Camera, pocket money, mosquito repellent, sunscreen

Fitness Level:    Good shape

The White Buddha temple compound is 22 km from Eco Valley Lodge. Waiting at Wat Thep Phitak Punnaram are 625 steep steps up to the statue, which is 125 vertical meters up the mountainside!

The view up top is definitely worth the effort. Sitting at the feet of the Buddha you can look N.E. to the Korat plateau. The whole countryside is at your feet. After a short rest and refreshments it's 25 km back home to the resort. A very nice ride!

Bike white Buddha

Bike to PB Valley Vineyard - full day- Hard ride

Tour duration:   approx. 7-8 hours

Biking time:   approx. 4-5 hours, total 65 km

Suggested time:   09.00h

Recommended outfit: Shoulders & head covered

Please don't forget: Camera, pocket money, mosquito repellent, sunscreen

Fitness Level:    Very good shape

This tour starts at 09.00h as it is a good day's ride. The ride goes through patchwork countryside in the direction of PB Valley Vineyard. Cycling through the valleys, there are some excellent views in a very beautiful area. The roads are in good condition. Take note that there are some steeper ups and downs, but those can be handled by most people. After riding 31 km is a stop at the Hornbill Restaurant, which belongs to PB Valley Estate and Khao Yai Winery - and lunch is there.

After lunch we start our way back, which is more uphill than downhill. The scenery remains extremely beautiful, winding through valleys and mountainsides, changing continuously from dirt roads to paved roads. Half way back, approx. 16 km, is a rest stop and refreshment in a small typical village shop. And then it's 19 km back to where the ride began. Whew! Fantastic.

Bike to PB Wineyard
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